Distributing Your Music

Learn How to Get Your Music in Front of the Right People



In today's music industry should you release albums or singles? Let me break it down for you in this video. 

What's Inside?

Let me teach you my best practices for releasing your music based on my own experience having released 12 full-length albums (5 of which charted on the Billboard charts) and over 50 singles.  Through this course you'll learn: 

  • How to release your music through all the major platforms (iTunes, Spotify & more) and what factors to consider when choosing a digital distribution company.
  • Strategies and best practices for releasing your music on Spotify.
  • How to run crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns based on my own successful campaign experiences. 
  • Learn from start to finish how I set up and ran a successful album release campaign through Patreon that helped increase my number of Patrons by over 50% during that time. 
  • Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties including how I release cover songs and how I collect royalties.

I focus on building real relationships with your audience and how to promote yourself and grow an audience through organic (unpaid) traffic, so you'll be able to put all of this advice into practice without needing to spend any money on advertising. 


Music Distribution

This course shares my best tips and advice based on my own experience for how you can thoughtfully release your new music to the world.

Musician's Guide to Copyright

Learn the basics for releasing cover songs, publishing your music and collecting your royalties.

Bonus: Album Launch Planner

My step-by-step guide I use for my own album releases to help you plan and organize your own next album release.

Curriculum Includes:



Distributing Your Music

1. What's Better Singles or Albums?

2. How To Upload Your Music on iTunes, Spotify & More

3. Cover Song Music Video Walkthrough

4. What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Distribution Company

5. Comparing Digital Distribution Companies

6. Tunecore Pros and Cons

7. CD Baby Pros and Cons

8. Soundrop Pros and Cons

9. Distrokid Pros and Cons

10. Distribution on Bandcamp and Your Own Website

11. How to Get on The Most Important Spotify Playlist

12. Releasing a New Single on Spotify Every Month for a Year

13. 3 Simple Strategies for Spotify Growth

14. Pros & Cons for Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

15. 5 Quick Tips for Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

16. Running a Patreon "Get Your Name in My Album" Campaign


17. Patreon Campaign: Set up

18. Patreon Campaign: Posting Strategy

19. Patreon Campaign: Fulfilling Your Rewards

20. Patreon Campaign: What Went Well & What Could Be Improved

21. My Tips for Running a Pre-Order Campaign

22. My 17 Steps for Releasing an Album


Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties 101

1. Copyright Overview

2. Registering Your Original Music For Copyright

3. Releasing Cover Songs (Mechanical Licenses)

4. Monetizing Cover Songs on YouTube (Sync Licensing)

5. Releasing Cover Song Music

6. Understanding Music Publishing

7. Registering with and Collecting Royalties Through Performance Rights Organizations (PROs)

8. Collecting Royalties Through SoundExchange

Distributing Your Music


  • 30 Video Lessons (3+ Hours of Content)
  • Music Distribution Section
  • Music Copyright Section
  • Lifetime access to course materials

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