Audio Recording & Production Essentials

Home Studio Recording and Production for Independent Musicians



Check out this video from inside the course to learn how to choose a microphone for your home studio!

What's Inside?

This course is geared more towards beginners who are looking to:

  • Record professional sounding music from their own home.
  • Figure out what gear you need and how to use it.
  • Learn my creative process and workflow for writing original music and arranging cover songs.
  • Gain more advanced production skills through an entire start-to-finish song walkthrough.
  • Learn from a professional, Billboard charting independent musician with over 10 years of experience.

I use Logic Pro X, but the course focuses on teaching concepts and techniques that can work within any DAW. 

39 Video Lessons

Over 5 hours of organized training videos teaching you how to professionally record and produce your own music from home.

Album Launch Planner

A day-by-day planner to help you plan and organize your album release so you can maximize the return on the launch.

Cover Song Walkthrough

I take you step by step through my process of arranging a popular cover song from concept to finished song.

Curriculum Includes:

Course Intro

1. The Benefits of Recording and Editing Yourself

2. Putting Together Your Own Home Studio

How to Choose Your Home Studio Gear

3. Microphones

4. Audio Interfaces

5. Headphones

6. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

7. Computers

8. Studio Monitors & MIDI Keyboards

9. Sample Instruments

Hiring Others

10. Producing Yourself vs. Working With a Producer

11. Advice for Working with Arrangers and Producers 

Arranging & Composing

12. My Creative Process for Arranging

13. My Technical Process for Arranging


14. My Creative Process for Composing

15. My Technical Process For Composing

16. Don't Wait Until You Feel Inspired to Write

17. How to Write a Song: Emotion & Storytelling

18. How to Write a Song: Your Tools

19. How to Write a Song: Melody

20. How to Write a Song: Chord Progression

21. How to Write a Song: Song Structure

22. How to Write a Song: Lyrics

Home Studio Recording

23. How to Set Up For Home Studio Recording

24. Latency

25. Setting Appropriate Gain & Volume Levels For Recording

26. Recording With a Click Track

27. My Recording Process in Logic Pro X

28. Editing Your Recording in Logic Pro X

Mixing & Mastering

29. How to Use Reference Tracks To Improve Your Music

30. An Overview of Mixing

31. Basic Mixing Process

32. Basics of EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb & More Mixing Tips

33. Basic Overview of Mastering

Song Walkthroughs

Cover Song: "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher"

34. Concept

35. Templates, Samples & Synths

36. Arranging

37. Rough Editing (Copy & Paste, Quantize, Etc)

38. Recording the Melody

39. Mixing & Mastering

Audio Recording & Production


  • 39 Video Lessons (Over 5 Hours of Content)
  • Album Launch Planner
  • Cover Song Arrangement Walkthrough

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